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Beautiful, I really love the quality and the craftsmanship of my moonstone necklace. - terrabryn Etsy customer 2020

This piece is absolutely gorgeous and left my mom speechless! She is so extremely happy with this necklace: the quality, the look--EVERYTHING! - terrabryn Etsy customer 2020

I cannot thank you enough for making this beautiful bracelet for me, it is exactly what i wanted! - terrabryn Etsy customer 2020

It's lovely! Exactly what I was looking for. The craftsmanship is perfect. - terrabryn Etsy customer 2020

Chakra jewelry is beautiful! I love wearing it! - terrabryn Etsy customer 2020

Excellent service, fast delivery and most of all, gorgeous piece. Thank you so much. I love it and wear it everyday. - terrabryn Etsy customer 2019

Beautiful, dainty, elegant. Quick shipping.-- terrabryn Etsy customer 2019

I bought one of these 7 Chakra Necklaces last year for a friend's birthday and liked it so much that I decided to buy one this year for myself! - terrabryn Etsy customer 2019

"This necklace is so beautiful! I got it as a gift for my friend and she wears it everyday!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2018

"Beautiful and great quality! Thank you!!" terrabryn Etsy customer 2018

"Beautiful necklace! My friend loved it!!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2018

"I love your meditation necklaces very much and the workmanship is beautiful! Excellent job, will buy more!!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2018

"Beautiful and very high quality." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Absolutely gorgeous - and the craftsmanship is superb!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Excellent customer service! Will definitely buy from again. Would recommend to anyone looking for high quality custom jewellery at a reasonable price." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"This is the third meditation necklace I have purchased from her, and they are all beautiful and calming. Very artfully designed and I would buy again definitely. - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Necklace is beautiful and arrived very quickly. Seller is very friendly. I am very happy with my necklace and the transaction." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"A very kind and conscientious seller! LOVE THESE and will be returning for more! GREAT GIFTS!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Le collier est encore plus beau en vrai ! Magnifique ! Livraison très rapide !!"- terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Beautiful necklace and very fast shipping! Thank you!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Gorgeous piece. Thank you very much!" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2017

"Very delicate necklace. I am in love with it. Also, Catherine is a great seller!! I had such a lovely experience with this shop. I am sure I will be back..." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"This is a very precious pendant. I love wearing it and feel it helps keep me balanced throughout the day. Very thoughtful care went into creating this piece" - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"It's beautiful and perfect." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"I absolutely adore this Chakra necklace, I would love to buy another one because I love it that much! Thank you for your finely crafted necklace which has been keeping me connected and aware of my chakras."  - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"Catherine has hit the mark with her meditation necklaces, this is the 2nd one I have purchased (with matching dangle earrings) and it is so beautiful. There is such a level of care with all her pieces, she produces beautiful unique quality work and I will continue to purchase her works. Cannot recommend enough."  - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"I absolutely am in love with this pendant. I have the original style chakra pendant, and when I saw this new take I was so excited. The pendant is so beautiful and empowering, the stone selection is so peaceful and they all compliment each other. I am so happy with this purchase truly it is inspired." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"This necklace is delicate and beautiful, exactly as pictured. It feels great to wear it, the person who made it obviously loaded it with positive and peaceful intentions. I am glad I got it. Merci Terra Bryn." - terrabryn Etsy customer 2016

"This item was beautifully made. It was of a good size and quality. The colors were gorgeous and the packaging was really nice. I gave it as a gift and was counting the moments until my friend could open it!"  - terrabryn Etsy customer 2015