Artisan handcrafted in Canada.
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seven chakra necklace in premium gemstones - moonstone, iolite, kyanite, peridot, citrine, hessonite and black tourmaline. Handcrafted in sterling silver by terrabryn

I design and handcraft simply designed chakra meditation bead jewelry, to help you find calm, peace, clarity, and joy through attention, meditation, prayer, or breath. 

An interest in the mystic traditions, meditation, yoga, chakras, energy therapies; and inner work and integration, and my own life experiences have lead me to develop and share the creation of my chakra jewelry pieces. 

Crafting and selling my handmade artisan jewelry since 2009, I have sold over 2,000 jewelry pieces to customers from around the world; 85% of those sales from my online Etsy store - with a 100% 5 star rating and hundreds of great reviews from my lovely customers. See Customer Reviews.

I design and work from my home studio in the beautiful Karwartha Lakes Region of Ontario Canada. I've spent my entire career in environmental work and I love the natural world.  We ourselves are an integral part of nature and I have always been fascinated with our interrelationships and natural connections, including to the beautiful gemstones I use in my jewelry, and in particular in relation to our chakras.

My friend Lylian, in Singapore, personally sources all of my beautiful gemstone beads, and I am happy to support her one-woman custom small business. I am also grateful for my two daughters who patiently model my jewelry pieces for me and inspire me in so many ways.

I donate a portion of the proceeds from my sales to Plan International's "Because I Am a Girl" Campaign. Check out how supporting girls education & development improves the lives of their brothers, their entire families, their communities, and the world at Because I Am a Girl.

Natural gemstone beads and precious metals are mined. Plan International also works in mining communities in various parts of the world and is associated with other organizations specifically involved in working with mining companies and local people to offer relevant vocational training, provide safe jobs, and protect the environment.

My packaging is minimal and is suitable for gifting. Paper based components are made from post consumer materials and are recyclable. 

Please Note: my chakra jewelry pieces contain many small parts, are not suitable for children, and should be kept out of reach of small children.

I enjoy communicating with my inspiring customers. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you have.

Catherine Staples