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The Heart Chakra Greening of Early Spring

Catherine Staples

We all tend to have a season, and mine is always the one I am experiencing at them moment as I love them all. "The promise of spring" is a phrase that resonates with me every spring as you see the life potential in all that is around you. It is the earth's promise to affirm life in all it's diversity and abundance.  

Water flowing, rain, the greening of forests and gardens, sounds of nature emerging all contribute to the new energy that we feel in spring.  The soft green colours of early spring are associated with the heart chakra. Spring is when nature open her heart in life and abundance. 

Prehnite is one of gemstones associated with the heart chakra. Pictured here in a prehnite heart chakra bracelet in sterling silver. It's soft spring green is a perfect reflection of the heart centered live affirming greening of early spring.

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