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Sometimes It Takes a Little Exploring and Experimentation

Catherine Staples

A barrier of water plants and perhaps a beaver damn are visible up ahead. View is from a canoe, a lakeshore on either side. It is early spring in the boreal forest in Ontario -terrabryn

I love canoeing. It is my favourite way of experiencing the natural world around me. It allows me to experience a different perspective on my own place in the natural pattern of things.

Wetlands on the edges of lakes, in hidden bays and small lakes are my favourite places to explore. As we approach a natural barrier that often marks an entrance to a wetland, I always eagerly anticipate finding a pathway through so we can explore beyond.

As in life, what it takes to move forward varies with each experience - sometimes a small open channel not visible at first makes itself known as we curiously explore; other times some strategic paddling and a little extra physical effort of will literally push us through; other times we get out, get wet, and follow the lead of the turtles: and finally, at other times, it’s best to just land the canoe and carry it overland.

In our own lives next steps not always clear. Be patient with yourself - sometimes it takes a little exploring and experimentation. 

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