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Letting Go

Catherine Staples

 Fall is the season of letting go. As nature relaxes into letting go of the exuburent and intense energy of summer its a natural time to think about what you might to let go of in your own life. What in your life has become unhealthy, unproductive, out of balance, joyless or burdomesome? Is it time to set it aside for awhile and rest and recouperate, or perhaps let it go completely? It is easier said than done. 

I have spent many months going back and forth on a work related situation that was once joyous and energizing that suddenly and unexpectedly began to sap my energy and creativity.  I took the above photograph on a warm late autumn afternoon lakeside at my friend's house - sitting in the waning sunlight with oak and birch autumn leaves drifting gently down around me, and my decision solidified.

It's hard to let go of the familiar and comfortable especially if it worked so well for a long time, but in nature all energy moves forward in innovation and renewal, so it feels right for me to express my gratitude for what has been, gently, thoughtfully and deliberately let go, and free up space, time and energy for creativity, renewal and joy. What do you need to let go of in your life? Let the trees of autumn be your teachers.


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