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Resting in a Sense of Sacred Presence

Catherine Staples


On a warm early autumn day, deep in the forest, this little coldwater stream called to me to sit and rest for awhile; to pause my busy thoughts and let my concerns and worries dissipate in the sound of its sweet journey from deep in the earth. 

I worry a lot about the trajectory of the our natural world in light of human destruction. But here in this precious place I felt invited to rest and to trust that the natural world itself, with all its animated complexity and power, will continue to move toward diversity and balance regardless of human interference. We need only consciously, diligently work toward a deeper sense of kinship and sacred connection, in order to follow with right action and re-align ourselves with the earth. Our survival on this beautiful planet depends on it. 

"Finally, we begin to recover a reverence for the material out of which were born, for the nourishing context that sustains us, the sound and scenery, the warmth of the wind, and the coolness of the water - all of which delight us and purify us and communicate to us some sense of sacred presence."

Thomas Berry, The Dream of the Earth

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